Gary Numan – She’s Got Claws (12″)

garyclawscovFrom 1981 and the change-of-direction single that divided followers of Numan. Cue Trilby and Fretless Bass and saxophone (both courtesy of Mick Karn) and a taster for the album, “Dance”, it was his 7th single, all dark funk. Here’s the list of musicians, another thing I miss being on the sleeves of 80’s records (handclaps eh?)

Gary Numan (Vocals, Odyssey, Roland JP4, Piano, CR78, Prophet 5),Cedric Sharpley (drums)Christopher Payne (Violas)Mick Karn (Bass, Saxophone) and John Webb ( handclaps)

Slightly longer than the 7″ version it has a superb bassline, as you would expect! Backed by the primal screaming over bubbling sequencer of “I Sing Rain” and the little hidden gem “Exhibition”, slow and moody and using a Foxx “Metal Beat” drum machine, a track from the “Telekon” era.



A She’s Got Claws 4:59
B1 I Sing Rain 2:29
B2 Exhibition 4:30


10 thoughts on “Gary Numan – She’s Got Claws (12″)”

  1. Hi – yep great forgotten album from Mr Numan and a time when his b-sides were excellent as well. For those that like this please check out the album – Slowcar To China and Cry The Clock Said outstanding atmospheric tracks and Boys Like Me and Stories also excellent. Queen’s Roger Taylor on drums as well as Mick Karn’s excellent bass. Although the video to She’s Got Claws has not aged at all well 😉

  2. not a big numan fan only liked a couple of his hits to be honest too many people not commenting here just leeching more like we need some of the christains no one seems to have there stuff they were a good band i seen them live i wish i never got rid of my 7inchs and 12inches years ago

    1. You’re correct about the lack of comments, I get about 120 regular visitors a day and not a peep out a majority of them,I do feel like “Why Do I Bother?” sometimes. I did put up some Christians a while ago, I’ll have search for the files and re-up for ya!

  3. Thank you so much for kindly re-upping the Numan 12″ inches. I’m really grateful. Have a good evening. Best wishes M

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