Grace Jones – Love Bites – The Mixes (Promo 12″)


Well an early Happy Hallow’een to all the followers!

Again not very obvious and from 1996 this 4 track 12″ had a good mix of tracks, a forgotten Grace Jones classic (even with her fake L’inglish accent!) Great fun and out on the Sci-Fi Channels own label, The song was released as a non-label promo-only single to promote the Sci-Fi Channel’s Vampire Week, which consisted of a series of vampire-themed films aired on the channel in early November 199. The mixes vary in quality, from the “Born Slippy” tempo of the “Dark Night Mix” to the plonky Euro-house of the “Deep Into The Night Mix”, my preferred mix is the full “Fright Night Mix” that builds up with a few, nice and creepy samples.



Not got any info on who did the mixes.



A1 Love Bites (12″ Fright Night Mix) 8:21
A2 Love Bites (7″ Fright Night Mix) 3:40
B1 Love Bites (12″ Dark Night Mix) 7:35
B2 Love Bites (12″ Deep Into The Night Mix) 6:40


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