Sandra – In The Heat Of The Night (12″)

From 1985 and a classic slab of Euro Synth courtesy of Sandra. (German singer  Sandra Ann Lauer) Think of Eurovision but with some extra A-ha bombast, I can even hear a bit of Propaganda in there. All thanks to the magical production skills of Michael Cretu (who later went on to do the successful Enigma Project) The song was a massive all over Europe and has the vocals of Hubert Kah on backing vocals and the trademark rock guitar overdubs. This is the slightly different extended mix with a nice bit of Spanish guitar in there. The B-side is the shorter, instrumental version, quite good stuff for 1985.

(Not the best of quality even though the vinyl looked okay, sorry)


TEN 113-12

A In The Heat Of The Night (Extended) 6:54
B Heatwave (Instrumental) 3:26

2 thoughts on “Sandra – In The Heat Of The Night (12″)”

  1. i remember this like it was yesterday … it was quite big as was everything else Cretu touched … waaaay before ENIGMA! Just think of his hit SAMURAI (about a horse??)

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