The Explorers – Falling For Nightlife *IMPROVED RIP and REups (12″)

fallingpicdiscFrom 1984 and Roxy Music Version 2.0, courtesy of The Explorers. They were Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay and Ferry soundalike James Wraith, the 2 Roxy Music members where on a 2 year hiatus after the success of Avalon so they formed The Explorers. An electronic 12″ mix by Keith Bessey turns out to be a bit of a hidden gem, it even has samples ! B-side is even more Roxy Music, stylish and rare. Almost Art Of Noise ZTT quality with extra owls.

“Crack The Whip” is very, very , very Roxy Music -glam pout.

A punchier rip from Mike B and still a gem! (That’s why I’ve stuck it at the top)

More Explorers here;


VS 715-12

A Falling For Nightlife (Midnight Mix – Extended Version) 6:25
B Crack The Whip 4:50

3 thoughts on “The Explorers – Falling For Nightlife *IMPROVED RIP and REups (12″)”

  1. EXCELLENT BLOG … found a lot of really cool stuff here!!!

    thank you.

    I am looking for some obscure vinyls that only you may have:

    – TAYAH – WISH UPON THE STAR (the full 12″ with the Laser Overture)

    – CRESCENDO – ARE YOU OUT THERE (full 12″)

    – Concrete Blonde – BLOODLETTING EP with the German and French versions:

    1. Thanks for the compliment, as for the requests I may have the Crescendo tracks somewhere , but the others are indeed rarities, that Concrete Blonde one sounds very interesting.

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