The Psychedelic Furs – House (12″)

fuzzyfursGod, I’ve been busy – Thanks for all your Thanks and Comments (Not!)

Well, a forgotten gem from The Furs as they made an attempt for glory, but it all fell on deaf ears. From 1989 and off the similarly neglected album, “Book Of Days” this is not on iTunes!

Epic production and the distinct vocal delivery of Richard Butler. An almost gothy feel to it, thanks to David M. Allen production. The remix is nice and beefy, almost Shoe Gaze with added guitar! “Watchtower” seems a bit under developed and raw but still classic Furs.




A1 House (Flashback Mix)
B1 Watchtower
B2 House (Long Version)



The Lightning Seeds – Joy (12″)

ianyoungbrodieAn early release from Liverpool’s The Lightning Seeds a.k.a. Ian Broudie. A surprise that it was back in the 80’s, 1989 to be pedantic. Broudie had been in the late 70’s New Wave Band, Big In Japan and 80’s band, Care. More famous as a producer Brodie thought he would release some of his own stuff using the latest technology with a sprinkle of guitar. “Pure” being an unexpected hit. B-sides are the dancey, semi-instrumental “Frenzy” and a song written by one half of the Lotus Eaters, Peter Coyle, “Control The Flame” , which was off the fantastic album “Cloudcukooland.”


Joy 4:19
Frenzy 3:59
Control The Flame 3:24


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In the video he does bear a striking resemblance to the guy from Hot Chip




The Blow Mokeys feat. Sylvia Tella – Choice ? (12″)

choiceyblowFrom 1989 and some political dance stuff to help  launch their album, “Choices – The Singles Collection.” Enhanced by the voice of Sylvia Tella, the lyrics hint at Tory greed and the gap between the rich and poor, very relevant in todays society. It references to clause 28, Norman Tebbit, Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent and Black Box. The 12″ mix is clever and adds something extra, “Oh Yeah!” is a proto house track with a sampled chorus and big bass.

Juan Atkins did a remix that I would love to hear.


PT 42886

A Choice? (Long Version) 6:40
B1 Choice? 3:53
B2 Oh Yeah! 5:46

Deacon Blue – When Will You Make My Telephone Ring (12″)

deakybluIf I am working my way through the late 80’s I can’t really miss these guys out. From the superb debut album, “Raintown” comes the final single from it on a 4 tracker, featuring “3 new songs” and released in 1988. Invernesses finest, Deacon Blue, I will always have a soft spot. |My girlfriend at the time had the tape and it would be on constantly in her mould-ridden student house in a cold, wet Lancaster in the autumn of ’88. The album itself is worth a revisit containing the big hits, “Dignity”, “Chocolate Girl” and “Real Gone Kid” as well as some more cerebral tracks like the album title track, itself. Happy days waking up to Deacon Blue, emptying the plastic moisture traps and having crispy rolls and Edam.

On listening to it now, it now seems Ricky Ross always sounds a tad pissed when he sings, listen to “Punch And Judy Man” on this selection as proof! The main track had backing vocals by Londonbeat and certainly sounds very Paul Young-esque. My version , produced by Jon Kelly, is a minute longer than the discogs listing but it isn’t the Air Studio version, weird??

So “Disneyland” my favourite out of the tracks has witty lyrics, great vocals (un-pissed) and sounds a bit Prefab Sprout in a good way. “That Brilliant Feeling” is the extended version of the 3 versions that appeared over the various formats, funky and with some use samplers. “Punch And Judy Man” really…..!!!!???


Deact 5

  1. “When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)” – 5:02
  2. “Punch and Judy Man” – 3:51
  3. “That Brilliant Feeling #3”
  4. “Disneyworld” – 2:47

Dusty Springfield – Nothing Has Been Proved (12″)


From 1989 and a collaboration with The Pet Shop Boys, a timely follow up to the hugely successful “What Have I Done To Deserve This?” and the closing credit of “Scandal” , about the British Government and the Profumo affair.

Seeping atmosphere this is really a PSB track with a guest vocalist. With Julien Mendelsohn on co-production and added strings by Angelo Badalamenti this oozes quality. You even get the saxophone of Courtney Pine here on the extended solo of the main track.

The downtempo-like “Dance Mix”  is by House God, Marshall Jefferson, guitar licks by Herb Lawson of Ten City.

Bloody shame the vinyl needed huge clean up, not the best of recordings.



 A Nothing Has Been Proved (Dance Mix) 5:56
B1 Nothing Has Been Proved 5:56
B2 Nothing Has Been Proved (Instrumental) 5:54




Bryan Ferry – Kiss And Tell (12″)


Sir Bryan of Ferry does his best dad dancing impression to be contemporary with this slice of smooth, jazzy dance from 1988. Helped by the Latin Rascals and  Alan Meyerson ,this begins and ends with clicks of a typewriter and is surprisingly electronic, especially the dub mix. With references to the Profumo affair of the 60’s in the video, apparently this was a dig at Jerry Hall releasing a book about her affairs with Mick Jagger and later Ferry.

B-side , Zamba, was off the album Bete Noire and is a synth drenched ballad.


A1 Kiss And Tell (Dance Mix) 7:02
B1 Kiss And Tell (Dub Mix) 5:37
B2 Zamba 3:00




Prince – I Wish U Heaven (12″)

princeypooFrom 1988 and a little slice of Prince from his “Lovesexy” album. Gentle, electro funk put into 3 parts on the 12″ version that goes over 10 minutes long. For an artists who has been around for decades his output has been patchy, remember the furore when he gave away copies of his new album with a national newspaper , the Daily Mail! This was from when he was on top form and using all the latest technology at his Paisley Park Studios. Unusually the B-side is by Camille, the female alter ego of Prince, and is slab of pure, filthy funk about a purple pussy cat, typical Prince.

Also knowing how protective he is of his material this may not be up for long (looks over shoulder) even if it on vinyl.


W 7745 (T)

I Wish U Heaven (Part 1, 2 & 3) 10:13
Scarlet Pussy 6:09