Secret Life – As Always (12″)

The British group Secret Life began as producer/pianist Andy Throup and producer/guitarist Jim Di Salvo. They released the instrumental dance single “Spanish Lullabye” in 1991 on their own label. They soon added two more members, producer Charlton Antenbring and vocalist Paul Bryant. Together in 1992 they released the single “As Always” on indie Cowboy Records, a house remake of the Stevie Wonder classic……….And it aint that bad. Soulful and piano led.

There are a couple of mixes by Farley and Heller (Boy’s Own) but I prefer the others keeping more faithful to the original, although their dub mix does stand the test of time. All tracks suffer a bit from DJ crackle.



A1 As Always (Gospel Mix)
A2 As Always (Secret Life Mix)
AA1 As Always (Junior Style Remix)
AA2 As Always (Junior Style Dub)

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