Blue Pearl – Naked In The Rain (12″)

nakedsingerAgain from 1990 and going into a bit of dance stuff now. On the Alex Peterson and Youth label , Wau! Mr Modo, this was the debut release from Youth (Martin Glover) and American singer, Durga McBroom. A slice of Tribal house with heavy use of sequencers and live percussion it became a hit. Produced with Graham Massey (808 State) Massey provides a harder sounding remix , the “Jazz Mix.” Like a lot of early 1990’s stuff it seems a lot slower than I remembered it but it still packs a punch with those amazing vocals.



A Naked In The Rain (12″ Extended Mix)
B1 Naked In The Rain (Massey’s 808 Jazz Mix)
B2 Naked In The Rain (Instrumental Mix)




3 thoughts on “Blue Pearl – Naked In The Rain (12″)”

  1. aaah, this is making me happy. all 3 versions from the 12inch. great song. i hope the soundquality is good. thanks very much for sharing this.

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