The Blue Aeroplanes – Jacket Hangs (12″)

blueeyplaneFour tracks of guitar jangle from Bristol’s Blue Aeroplanes, from 1990. Opening track from their album “Swagger” , it’s a lush, layered wall of guitars and certainly a forgotten gem. The 3 extra tracks are of equal quality with a faithful cover of “Big Sky” by The Kinks. The reverb continues with the stomping “Razor Walk.” Finally, “Different Now” has a bit of Madchester swagger about it.

“Pick a card, any card…………………………..wrong”

A1 Jacket Hangs
A2 Razor Walk
B1 Different Now
B2 Big Sky

Virgin Prunes – Pagan Lovesong (12″)

virginngraveFrom 1982 and a classic bit of off-kilter Goth wailing from The Prunes. The Irish Goth band that pioneered the early sound, alongside Bauhaus and had the legend , Gavin Friday, as a member. The 12″ version really improves this bass driven song. Some great studio trickery and over dubs. Listening again it sounds like a better version of Rob Zombie’s “Living Dead Girl” Features the brother of U2’s The Edge too. B-side is even more weird with 3rd vocalist, Dave-iD Busaras taking the lead………..experimental and edgey stuff (no pun intended)

A Pagan Lovesong (Vibeakimbo)
B1 Pagan Lovesong
B2 Dave-Id Is Dead


Wah! The Story Of The Blues Part 1 and 2 (12″)

mighttywahvidA classic from 1981 with this Mike Hedges produced track, “Story Of The Blues” ,Motown enhanced by some synths and a drum machine. This is the full version with the Pete Wylie rant/call to arms half way through the whole song had an anti-tory message running all the way through.

The live B-side is a super version of “Seven Minutes…….” raw, not the best sound but a cult gem.


A The Story Of The Blues Part One And Part Two (Talkin’ Blues)
B Seven Minutes To Midnight (Liveish)



Aztec Camera – Oblivious (12″)

Roddy Frame/Aztec CameraAcoustic led pop from 1982 and this very short 12″ from Roddy Frame with their breakthrough hit on Rough Trade Records. Cool and jazzy , the lead track is a soundtrack for anyones Summer barbeque. “Orchid Girl” is a hidden gem of a track and “Haywire” with an unusual chorus.


A Oblivious
B1 Orchid Girl
B2 Haywire

Not sure about the video, very MTV friendly……

Marillion – Garden Party (12″)

marillyliveA bit of a guilty pleasure, yes I know they are Genesis soundalikes, I know the average length of their songs are about 8 minutes, I know they were better live than in the studio but, hey, Marillion dared to be different through the 80’s. Their 3rd single, released in 1983 and some social commentary about the elite classes, it was subtitled “The Great Cucumber Massacre” As Prog Rock goes it ticks all the boxes with some great synths. “Charting The Single” has some fine lyrics and guitar work. Finally Scottish pride is in abundance with live set ender, “Margaret” band introductions and solo’s aplenty.

  1. “Garden Party” [Full version] – 07:11
  2. “Charting the Single” [Live version, London Hammersmith Odeon, April 18 ’83] – 06:30
  3. “Margaret” [Full live version, Edinburgh Playhouse, April 7 ’83] – 12:17

Echo & The Bunnymen – Seven Seas (12″)


From 1984 and a cracking 12″ from The Bunnymen,with 4 extra tracks recorded at Liverpool Cathedral for a TV series called “Play At Home” on Channel 4, which was a series of documentaries about leading bands made by themselves. The tracks are live takes with an orchestra, the ad-libbed vocals at the end of their cover, “All You Need Is Love” praises Liverpool F.C. Some dodgy vocals, particularly on “Stars Are Stars” but this is a snapshot of a band a the height of their powers, taking risks and delivering.

The Anton Corbijn vid is a brilliant slice of surreal.

A1 Seven Seas 3:19
A2 All You Need Is Love 6:41
B1 The Killing Moon 3:17
B2 Stars Are Stars 3:05
B3 Villiers Terrace 6:52

World Party – Private Revolution (12″)


From 1986 and the debut single release by multi-intstrumentalist, jack-of-all-trades and ex-member of The Waterboys, Karl Wallinger. Sinéad O’Connor guests on backing vocals on the funky main track, here in an extended/full version. Two quality B-sides bring a bit of Americano into the mix with religious themes, all keyboard led.

“…If you want a revolution, baby, there’s nothing like your own…”


A Private Revolution (Extended Version) 6:18
B1 Trouble Down Here 5:23
B2 Holy Water 4:01

Hipsway – Ask The Lord (Ltd Film Edition 12″) + (7″)


From 1986 and the follow up to this Scottish bands only hit , “Honeythief” and even with the marketing might of a major label and the 17 different versions of this it sank without a trace not breaking into the all important Top 40 at the time. In fact, the single was originally released as the second single from the bands self titled debut album in 1985, but failed to break into the Top 70.

Here with 2 mixes of the main track, one by Gary Langan (Spandau) and the other by Paul Staveley O’Duffy. Both trying to go for the epic, ZTT style of mix. The bonus 7″ is 2 slices of instrumental, soundtrack electronica for the “film” that accompanied the single, very impressive for 1985.

If you listen to the album and the quality of the demo, the funky New Wave of “Are you ready…”, they were definitely deeper than a one-hit wonder band.


Love to find the promo vid/film

A Ask The Lord (Extended Version)
B1 Ask The Lord (New Extended Version)
B2 Are You Ready To Listen
C Main Theme From The Film ‘Ask The Lord’
D End Titles

Gen X – Dancing With Myself (12″)

gennyxThe original 1980 version, ages before Mr. Idol rerecorded for his solo career. Produced by Keith Forsey (a session drummer with Giorgio Moroder!) and co-written by Tony James. The b-side involves the original drummer of The Clash, Terry Chimes. (Now that’s where I’ve heard that dub style before!) and is dubbed up to f*** , Idol freestyling on the vocals.


A Dancing With Myself 4:06
B1 Loopy Dub 5:08
B2 Ugly Dub 3:05

Bad Manners – That’ll Do Nicely (12″)

bustagutGoing off on a tangent now with a nice bit of ska and dub. Released to promote a “Best Of” on Telstar Records (of all places) back in 1983 had Buster and friends poking fun at the Russian Oligarchy and the American Express, the 12″ mix is not over long and has a nice, classical interlude in the middle. B-sides include a big, dubby instrumental and the classic “King Ska Fa” from 1980.

A That’ll Do Nicely (Express Mix)
B1 Monster Love (Dub)
B2 King Ska/Fa