Marc Almond – Waifs And Strays (12″)

waifyvid In which he teams up with ex-Soft Cell companion Dave Ball on this rather wonderful Grid remix. From 1990 and off the album “Enchanted” this harks back to synthpop sound of Soft Cell but with added strings by original producer Bob Kraushaar. You even get Parisian accordion in there. B-side is more of an instrumental and is very chilled.

Melody and Atmosphere , Classic Almond!


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A Waifs And Strays (12″ Grid Mix) 7:25
B Waifs And Strays (Grid Twilight Mix) 6:32

Neneh Cherry – Inna City Mamma (12″)


From 1989 and remixed from the ground breaking and brilliant album “Raw Like Sushi.” Neneh Cherry mixes rap and soul into what is essentially today’s R&B but wha ground breaking for the time. Produced by The Dynamik Duo, Phil Chill and Booga Bear. (Phil Legg and Cameron McVey) The “Next Generation” also gets the assistance of a young DJ Mushroom ,(from Massive Attack) whilst American producer, Bryan “Chuck” New, has a hand in “So Here I Come” Four top tracks on this 12″. The main track samples Kool & The Gang’s “N.T.” and is much tighter sounding with a deeper bass than the album version. Other single “Kisses….” also gets a rework as well with more overdubs and genuine static (!) “The Next Generation” is off the album, quality hip hop about errrr looking after your babies. Finally , “So Here I Come” is more classic hip hop with the theme of school. Good to see she is back with a new album and hasn’t lost it.

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A1 Inna City Mamma (Extended Version) (Completely Re-recorded) 6:28
A2 The Next Generation 5:10
B1 Kisses On The Wind (Lovers Hip-Hop Extended Version) 5:06
B2 So Here I Come

Tin Machine – You Belong In Rock N’ Roll (12″)

tinnytinFrom 1991 and the much maligned Tin Machine (Bowie’s mid-life crisis Rock Band) with an okay track! Yes, it’s not bad at all! Co-written with guitarist Reeves Gabrels it comes over as a classic slice of Bowie, not rocky like the early Tin Machine stuff but ever so slightly commercial, although with some interesting sounds, particularly in the Tim Palmer & Gabrels remixed extended version. The LP version is here as well as the unusual experience of hearing Bowie sing in Indonesian on “Amlapura” , plus a cheeky, live thrash at Johnny Kid’s “Shakin’ All Over”



  1. “You Belong in Rock n’ Roll (Extended version)” (Bowie, Gabrels) – 6:32
  2. “You Belong in Rock n’ Roll (LP version)” (Bowie, Gabrels) – 4:07
  3. “Ampalura (Indonesian version)” (Bowie, Gabrels) – 3:49
  4. “Shakin’ All Over (Live)” – 2:49

Bros – Chocolate Box (12″)

cheesybrosCheesy Bank Holiday Tunes!

From 1989 and the Bros twins with a questionably titled slab of pop. Covering all bases with a house, new jack swing and rap mixes all nicely done by Justin Strauss. Sounding like both George Michael with a hint of Michael Jackson, it is light and fluffy with some good synth sounds.





A Chocolate Box (Swing Mix) 6:15
B1 Chocolate Box (House Mix) 6:30
B2 Chocolate Box (Rap Mix) 4:25

Prince – Partyman/Feel U Up (Maxi Single)

partyprincevidFrom the film “Batman” from 1989, Prince funks up with a sample heavy track. I love that this is crackle free after the static storm I’ve been contending with over the last few posts!! Remixes from the Original Soundtrack Album by Prince and Paisley Park cohort, Femi Jiya. The “Purple Party Mix” even samples a load of intros of his own tracks. “Feel U Up” is a typical Prince track with a dubious message. The main track  jutters along in true Prince style and because it’s him probably won’t be up for too long.

Happpy Weeeekend!


A1 The Purple Party Mix 6:02
A2 Partyman Music Mix 4:31
B1 Partyman (The Video Mix) 6:20
B2 Feel U Up (Short Stroke) 3:42


Habit – Lucy (12″)

habitedObscure band of the month award goes to…………Habit, apparently they were a support band to Level 42! (making this post relevant but totally unplanned!) From 1988 and produced by hitmakers Steve Jolley and Tony Swain (Bananarama, Imagination, Spandau Ballet) This was the debut release from Nick Amour, Andy Carroll and Mick Martin and a tip to make it into the higher reaches of the charts….nope! This is the 12″ version with extra synthy bits and a great bassline. B-side “Rise” is another classic slice of 80’s pop in the style of Go West et al.

A Lucy (TFZ Mix)
B Rise




Level 42 – Are You Hearing ? (What I Hear) (12″)

levelvidI do like hearing early stuff by bands that went on to make it big in the 80’s. (From U2 to REM) Level 42 were a jazz funk band with a liking for synths. This wasn’t really early being from 1982 but before the BIG hits. I have kept playing this ever since I digitized it the other day, naive but inventive, scatting by Mark King. Here with the superior full version. The B-side with its wonderful title is almost prog rock meets jazz funk, an instrumental with Indian classical overtones with haunting guitar and a teeny bit static as well. (sorry)

A Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? (Extended Version) 6:07
B The Return Of The Handsome Rugged Man (Extended Version) 5:42