2 Men A Drum Machine & A Trumpet – Tired Of Getting Pushed Around (12″)

From 1987 and very early House music this has a nice load of samples thrown in over both tracks. The 2 men in question being Fine Young Cannibals members, Andy Cox and David Steele with the trumpet by Graeme Hamilton. Cox and Steele were ex-members of The Beat or The English Beat as they were known in America.  A short lived side project by the duo whilst Roland Gift went off acting (Sammy & Rosie Get Laid, Out Of Order and Tin Men).  The main tune has that over used guitar chord and keeps a Jazz feel throughout. Robert Mitchum, from the Western film “Out Of The Past” , is the main sample source, reciting the title. The B-side is just as good with spoken rap by Deadly X, in fact I prefer it to the A side. Pop House in its finest form.




A Tired Of Getting Pushed Around 6:24
B Make It Funky 5:43

One thought on “2 Men A Drum Machine & A Trumpet – Tired Of Getting Pushed Around (12″)”

  1. Such a refreshing band name. I always thought I could hear the drum track for She Drives Me Crazy in this song – not sure if it’s a similar sound or just because I was aware of the connection.

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