Should CD rips appear on this blog?

vinylscratchTime has come to think to the future.

I have loads of CD’s

I have very few vinyl records left, in fact I have to go for the occasional dig to records shops provide to new stuff for this blog!!

Ethically I am against the idea of ripping a pure version off CD, for sharing. One, it could get me into a lot of trouble with copyright, this blog is on it’s 3rd reincarnation due to complaints. Two, it’s kind of fun to record from vinyl (although it does have its pitfalls) Three, there is still a lot of rare stuff out there that would never see the light of day otherwise.

So I’m after your views, please do the poll below and I’ll peruse the findings.

Poll Closed!

12 thoughts on “Should CD rips appear on this blog?”

      1. There’s the simple way that I, or others, can upload a rip to which ever file host I or they prefer and you simply copy n paste into a post…(can be dangerous re virus) or we email you a link to a host with some blurb…and you can then edit, post and add to if you wish…Might be an idea to all use the same file host…I’d use Zippy if I was of a mind to share 😉

        Might be worth while suggesting a minimum quality (say 320) with covers included in a RAR file, and only use reputable uploaders (if such a thing exists) in a coded file to disguise the contents.

        email me and we can discuss

  1. would love this but netkups only works 1 out of 90 days so i cannot download much. can you post to two sources, like netkups and maybe zippyshare and mega at the same time? please? pretty please?

  2. Interesting , very interesting ! With the amount of traffic I’m getting and the real lack of downloads I thought there was a problem!! Thanks for the heads up, I might give zippyshare a try alongside Netkups.

  3. sorry i did not say something sooner, the last blog i asked about this was wilfullyobscure and it was first denied a problem but now he does zippyshare. there is some nice stuff i have missed for last few months, hope to get some of that if you might report, i know that is a hassle. thansk for all the great stuff!!

  4. I think post less often, you provide some great stuff on here, and don’t think you should jeapardize its existence due to posting CDs,,,

  5. The poll may be over, but I say – keep doing what you’re doing – which is revisiting lost classics. If they can’t be found anywhere anymore, then whether the source is vinyl, CD, cassette, reel-to-reel or dictaphone, the point is moot.

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