Various – Fragments-From Work In Progress (Mini Vinyl LP)

fragmentscovI still don’t get Record Day, I’ve never managed to get what I originally set out to buy! In fact, I’ve been a bit rubbish with it! This is a 4AD release from 2010 (the newest thing on this blog!) and features demoes from the likes of Blonde Redhead and The Big Pink (remember them!) on a nice fat slab of quite clear sounding vinyl (Hurrah!)

Most is obscure, experimental and sparse. Ariel Pink’s track talks of castration over a psychedelic backing, Tune-Yards is acoustica with laptop loops.  Blonde Redhead is all whispering synths. Gang Gang Dance doesn’t really dance but meanders along, The Big Pink does shoegaze via stoner rock vocals. Someone will want a listen. Glad I only paid a £1 for it!

A1 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Menopause Man
A2 Tune-Yards You Yes You
B1 Blonde Redhead Not Getting There
B2 Gang Gang Dance Slime City (Heaven)
B3 The Big Pink With You

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