Tin Machine – You Belong In Rock N’ Roll (12″)

tinnytinFrom 1991 and the much maligned Tin Machine (Bowie’s mid-life crisis Rock Band) with an okay track! Yes, it’s not bad at all! Co-written with guitarist Reeves Gabrels it comes over as a classic slice of Bowie, not rocky like the early Tin Machine stuff but ever so slightly commercial, although with some interesting sounds, particularly in the Tim Palmer & Gabrels remixed extended version. The LP version is here as well as the unusual experience of hearing Bowie sing in Indonesian on “Amlapura” , plus a cheeky, live thrash at Johnny Kid’s “Shakin’ All Over”




  1. “You Belong in Rock n’ Roll (Extended version)” (Bowie, Gabrels) – 6:32
  2. “You Belong in Rock n’ Roll (LP version)” (Bowie, Gabrels) – 4:07
  3. “Ampalura (Indonesian version)” (Bowie, Gabrels) – 3:49
  4. “Shakin’ All Over (Live)” – 2:49

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