Fine Young Cannibals – I’m Not Satisfied (12″)

finestpeopleeatersContinuing with some late 80’s dance stuff and this from 1988 (originally) and the last of the 5 singles from the successful , “The Raw And Cooked” album. Impassioned vocals by Roland Gift of what is essentially a soulful, synth pop backing. The 12″ is given a complete rework by Prince Paul with 2 tracks featuring female rapper Nicci and sounds like the theme tune to the “Old Grey Whistle Test”

Not seen this about on the web much therefore a forgotten gem has been unearthed.

NEW LINK 2019!LyYH0aYI!z0LgXPFo1jVXveegHPDUVcdzbx6Nzt5Sss30y3T5mN0

A1 I’m Not Satisfied (New York Rap Mix)
A2 I’m Not Satisfied (New York Singing Mix)
B1 I’m Not Satisfied (The Nicci Version)
B2 I’m Not Satisfied


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