Tik & Tok – (Long Hot) Summer In The City (12″)

tikkytokNew Too much obvious 80’s on here………let’s go obscure!

Anyone who hasn’t attempted a Robot dance in the 80’s is lying. It was a dance craze that all adolescent boys had a go at especially if there was sunglasses involved. The moving sideways and drinking an invisible cup of water were the key moves.

Tik & Tok (Tim Dry, Sean Crawford) were performance artists who specialised in everything robotic and mime. From the dance troupe Shock they carved out a cult following at the height of New Romanticism and the Blitz Club.

This is a fun, fun, fun cover of “The Loving Spoonfuls”classic, helped by Dramatis member Rrussell Bell. Pure synth. The B-side is more electronic, with drum machines and sequencers and a phone call!



A (Long Hot) Summer In The City (Dance Mix) 4:38
B Crisis

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