Hipsway – Ask The Lord (Ltd Film Edition 12″) + (7″)


From 1986 and the follow up to this Scottish bands only hit , “Honeythief” and even with the marketing might of a major label and the 17 different versions of this it sank without a trace not breaking into the all important Top 40 at the time. In fact, the single was originally released as the second single from the bands self titled debut album in 1985, but failed to break into the Top 70.

Here with 2 mixes of the main track, one by Gary Langan (Spandau) and the other by Paul Staveley O’Duffy. Both trying to go for the epic, ZTT style of mix. The bonus 7″ is 2 slices of instrumental, soundtrack electronica for the “film” that accompanied the single, very impressive for 1985.

If you listen to the album and the quality of the demo, the funky New Wave of “Are you ready…”, they were definitely deeper than a one-hit wonder band.



Love to find the promo vid/film

A Ask The Lord (Extended Version)
B1 Ask The Lord (New Extended Version)
B2 Are You Ready To Listen
C Main Theme From The Film ‘Ask The Lord’
D End Titles

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