Gen X – Dancing With Myself (12″)

gennyxThe original 1980 version, ages before Mr. Idol rerecorded for his solo career. Produced by Keith Forsey (a session drummer with Giorgio Moroder!) and co-written by Tony James. The b-side involves the original drummer of The Clash, Terry Chimes. (Now that’s where I’ve heard that dub style before!) and is dubbed up to f*** , Idol freestyling on the vocals.


A Dancing With Myself 4:06
B1 Loopy Dub 5:08
B2 Ugly Dub 3:05

2 thoughts on “Gen X – Dancing With Myself (12″)”

  1. The weird thing about the “Loopy Dub” b-side is that it’s a cover version of… something. I recall being in my parent’s car in the late-80’s, and they flipped the radio dial to an “oldies” station (as they do)… and it’s playing the tail end of an old song that had the same elements of “Loopy Dub”. I don’t remember the Gen.X song off the top of my head now – been a LOOOONG time – but the small sliver of a song I overheard on that “oldies” station … same song. And there’s NO way they were playing “Loopy Dub” *laughs*
    Maybe some other reader out there knows the connection??

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