Wax – Bridge To Your Heart (12″)

waxytotpOnwards to 1987 now and the big hit from Wax, (Andrew Gold (R.I.P) & Graham Gouldman) a more intellectual Go West. Andrew Gold plays the band leader, counting the band in and requesting “Horns” , the “band” being all synths and electronics. The 12″ mix has a few extra bits with a breakdown of the track at the end. The soulful funk of “Heaven in Her Bed” was a good taster for the album “American English”

A “Bridge to Your Heart” (The Unabridged version) — 5:15
B1 “Bridge to Your Heart” (7″ version) — 3:51
B2 “Heaven in Her Bed” — 5:36

The video was made by 10cc pals , Godley and Creme, using cutting edge animation.







  1. Johan · May 2, 2014

    I love this song, thank you!

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  3. Winx · November 14

    oh man, thank you soooooo much! Love this song. Sounds like a cheesy 60s track but it soooo good!


    you rock!

  4. MATT · December 10

    Thanks for all the Wax shares 🙂

  5. Stephen Scott · February 15

    I’ve got two main playlists: my current top tracks and my classic list (although I do have hundreds – if not thousands of playlists) … this has lodged itself firmly at the top of my classic list and is threatening to take over my current favourite tracks. I loved it back in the 80’s, but completely forgot about it until your post.

    Thank you for reawakening an absolute classic!

    • djjedredy · February 16

      Another Wax 12″ on the way soon 😀

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