Spandau Ballet – Highly Strung (12″)

spandau84A proper 12″ mix from 1984 with a quick, little mover from Spandau Ballet; the one with that heavy guitar rift and rhymes “Joe” with “Know and gets in “diplomat” with “Laundry-mat.” Off their 4th album, “Parade”, it motors along and was actually released as “Highly Re-Strung” as a 12″ and ticks all the boxes.

It was certainly a time when the 12″ would seperate the fans from the casual chart listener. Many a time the 12″ would be put on to deliberately mislead unsuspecting singing dancers, that would leave the floor in a huff because the mix had deliberately messed around with the verses and added extra “mad” bits into the mix. This is prime example and why I loved them then as much as I do now! Normal service is resumed with the regular , “Extended Version” so you still can get nostalgic! Love the pompous film/video too!

NEW LINK !!!! 2016

A Highly Re-Strung 5:27
B Highly Strung (Extended Version) 5:17

3 thoughts on “Spandau Ballet – Highly Strung (12″)”

  1. Can you please re-up this one too?

    Sorry, I probably ask too much, but I just recently found your blog and you have lots of marvellous things already – it is just that some of them are not available anymore and it’d be really great to have them. Hope you’ll be able to help.

    All the best to you!

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