Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – So In Love (Special American Dance remix) (12″)

omdcamp2From 1985 and the track that got them recognised in America. I am 100% sure this is the “Special American Dance Remix” by Stephen Hague but correct me if I’m wrong. My only doubt is that it has the B-side “Maria Gallante” which is only listed on the U.K. release.

Anyways it is a strong track from the album “Crush” and has extra bits added to it including extra precussion, that sonar noise and guitar samples.

“Concrete Hands” has always been a favourite with the road drills and other odd sounds. Again it builds up before the vocals kick in.

“Mara Gallante” is about a love affair with the Caribbean island of the same name! It was recorded live in the studio, without any dubbing thus giving it a “live” feel.



A So In Love (Special American Dance Remix)
B1 Concrete Hands (Extended)
B2 Maria Gallante

7 thoughts on “Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – So In Love (Special American Dance remix) (12″)”

  1. Hi, it’s me again, seems I overlooked this gem. Hope it won’t be much of a trouble for you to reupload it? :o) These mid period OMD singles are so hard to find, it’s just unbelievable! Of course they are not respected, unlike their earlier stuff, but still…

  2. yeap def esp for the enola gay messages gentic engerneering and electricity i was hopeing they did maid of orleans but not to be but still very good

    1. Must say i fr a long time were scptical about those radio sessions etc. But then I heard “Soft Cell at the BBC” disc – and just had to reconsider :o) So thanks, I guess I have to give OMD a spin too!

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