Level 42 – Something About You (Sisa Mix) (12″)

ImageOnwards with some more commercial 80’s stuff in 12″ format. This Justin Mendelsohn remix is rather good , like all good remixes it adds it’s own interpretation to it, giving it more of a synth lead. Much better than the wildly available Shep Pettibone remix. I much prefer it to the shiny , coffee table production of the original, probably because I’ve heard the original so many times!! The B-side, “Coup D’etat (version)” suffers a bit from surface noise. Hardly any vocals and a bit sparse in the production.


Billy Idol – To Be A Lover (12″)

ImageA bit of electronic Elvis via Mr Sneer, Billy Idol. From 1986 and a forgotten cover from the late 60’s by William Bell. For once the actual 12″ mix improves on the original, rather aimless single version. Cue a heavy guitar rift (from guitarist Steve Stevens) and some porn movie groaning!! B-side still keeps the electronics v guitar formula but I can only take Idol’s voice in small doses!



  1. “To Be A Lover (Mother Of Mercy Mix)” (6:45)
  2. “To Be A Lover” (3:50)
  3. “All Summer Single” (4:33)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Rage Hard (++) (12″)

ImageA belated Birthday present from me to you!

So ZTT are 30 years old this year!! Plenty of stuff out at the moment (I bought the recent CD/DVD collection “Frankie Said”) and some great interviews with Trevor Horn, Paul Morley on YouTube at the moment.

This ltd edition remix off the flop album “Liverpool” see’s Stephen Lipson & Julian Mendlesohn remix their middling single to an acceptable level of listenablitiy.

Mad B-sides ensue with a cover of The Doors “Roadhouse Blues” done in a live band stylee. The final track “Don’t Lose…..” is a mad rock stomp with Holly Johnson doing his best Count Von Count (Sesame Street) impression. All have the all seeing eye of Trevor Horn over them.



A Rage Hard (++) [Broad] 8:36
B1 Roadhouse Blues (The Full Version) 4:03
B2 (Don’t Lose What’s Left) Of Your Little Mind (Suffer Brother) 6:15

Cerrone – Je Suis Music (12″)

ImageNowt wrong with a bit Cerrone, classic disco with strings and guitars and stuff!!

From 1978 and the full on, 7 min + extended mix of this classic slice of lounge disco. A drummer by trade this is tight track that went onto influence a whole scene. Witness the Youtube live vid of the B-side to get a feel for the musicality of it all. Innovator!

A Je Suis Music 7:48
B Rocket In The Pocket 4:00





Cameo – Attack Me With Your Love (12″)

ImageGoing all funky on you!!

Well electro funk on this slice of Cameo from 1985. The full flavoured “Extended Version” gives the song a chance to breath with constant Simmons electro drums and a funky synth bass. The 7″ version is here too, both sounding pristine for their age, no wonder Daft Punk keep name checking them. As an added bonus you get the rap version of “She’s Strange” under it’s original title of “Room 123” , again a version I’ve not heard before. Mr. Cod-Piece (Larry Blackmon) produces them with Cameo keyboard player, Kevin Lloyd Kendrick writing the main track.


Check out the wonderful 80’s cars in the vid.



A Attack Me With Your Love (Extended Version)
B1 Room 123 (She’s Strange) (Rap Version)
B2 Attack Me With Your Love (7″ Version)

Hue And Cry – I Refuse (12″)

ImageSome classy piano-led pop from the soulful , Scottish duo Hue And Cry. This was the debut single from 1987 and it features the soulful tones of Pat Kane accompanied on the keys by bro Gregory Kane, not too sure about the female backing vocals though. The album version is a much less commercialized. Anyway the “Bitter Suite” version is here, simply voice and piano, as well as the inventive “Joe And Josephine” track. This is why I like doing this blog and stumbling over a forgotten B-side that is a quality track in its own right.




A I Refuse (Extended Version) 4:36
B1 Joe And Josephine 3:57
B2 I Refuse (Bitter Suite) 4:33

Hollywood Beyond – No More Tears (12″)

ImageA return to some 80’s stuff now.

First up is Hollywood Beyond’s (a.k.a. Mark Rogers) release from 1986. This was the follow up to the minor, one hit wonder of “The Colour Of Money” and has a great synth bassline and was produced by Stephen Hague. The 12″ ticks all the boxes as what should be on an 80’s extended version, remixed by Chris Lord-Alge. B-side is a nice slice of funky pop featuring that great vocal.




A No More Tears (The Passion Play Dance Mix)
B1 No More Tears
B2 No Time For Losers

Gravity Kills – Enough (Promo 12″)

ImageI had a lot of time for Gravity Kills (have most of their stuff on CD) and like Filter they successfully mixed technology with heavy guitars and , thankfully their vocalist didn’t sound like their head was stuck down the toilet. After having track “Guilty” featured in the film “Seven” the were immediately set into the limelight, with comparisons of KMFDM and NIN. This promo does have a bit of vinyl noise but it is the list of remixers that make it interesting. P.M Dawn….anyone??? The 3 mixes are all quite inventive and seem to tone down the industrial heaviness of the original track. The “Undulate Remix” is a bit of a banger, remixed by David Barrett.


A1 Enough (Undulate Remix) 5:02
B1 Enough (Hindustan Disco Remix) 4:28
B2 Enough (P.M. Dawn I Feel Love Remix) 4:23