Introducing Dave Beetham

davethinksMy mate for well over 30 years has always been a bit of a musician (a bit of an understatement!) I was even in a band with him once! A multi talented song writer, guitar player and producer he’s been getting a bit productive lately.

Influenced by simply good 80’s song writing (and there was some back then!) add in a bit of 90’s and some current influences and you have a smorgasbord of just bloody good songs, that have a hook but are also complex and layered. He always has an eye on a synth keyboard and that mix of guitar and technology that I’ve always liked.

So here is a 3 song sampler.

Starting with “The Only Love Song” is a personal fave with soaring guitar and an anthemic quality to it.

“Keyhole Surgery” is a remodelled track from back in the day, where it originated as a strange backward guitar loop and had some very sinister lyrics. Given a polish it still has a dark message over a shamelessly synthy lead.

Last track is a duet with a mystery lady that works it really changes gear nicely and shows the potential for collaboration.

Check him out.

Share the love.

Tickle his ego.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Dave Beetham”

  1. These tracks and all the others are as you describe them “…smorgasbord of just bloody good songs”
    Can’t wait for the album to be available.

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