The Men They Couldn’t Hang – Gold Rush (12″)

ImageHas been a bit of a quiet few week for uploads so I’m upping it. Here’s something from 1986 in the form of folky pop with social commentary.

All about North Sea Oil, a contentious point with the looming Scottish referendum vote soon upon us. I’m liking the protest vid clip regards the record company not playing their single. The B-side “Ghosts Of Cable Street”is a song about the 1936 battle against the fascists in Cable Street London delivered in that folk style.It used actual recordings of mounted police which could be heard outside the Wapping studios as it was during the time of the Wapping Printers Strike!  The last track, “Walkin’ Talkin'” is a 50’s Rock n’ Roll pastiche, short and sweet but poorly produced.

Better in STEREO!

A Gold Rush 3:27
B1 The Ghosts Of Cable Street 4:26
B2 Walkin’ Talkin’ 2:06


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