Vic Reeves – Abide With Me / Black Night (12″)

ImageMore novelty records sees the comedian and self confessed “pub singer”, Vic Reeves, team up with The Grid and Phil Oakey on this 1991 release. Crooning over the top of a house track on “Abide With Me” the “Holy Dub” is basically a Grid standalone track. “Black Night” is an interesting synthpop cover with a “guitar” solo, I’m sure Mr Oakey is helping out on backing vocals.


A1 Abide With Me (12″) 6:47
A2 Abide With Me (Holy Dub) 5:55
B1 Black Night (Full Length 7″) 4:06
B2 Abide With Me (Acapella) 4:26




5 thoughts on “Vic Reeves – Abide With Me / Black Night (12″)”

  1. So cool and so much fun! Have never heard of this before. So many great ‘gems’ on your blog. Thanks for the awesome posts (as always!).

  2. Good afternoon, It’s an old one, so I am chancing my arm here. Would there be a hope of a re-up of this minor classic from Vic Reeves (Rubs thighs in anticipation – “Ul, re ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka!”) Thanks & have a peaceful evening. Cheers M

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