Sweet Exorcist – Popcone (12″)

ImageThe side project of Cabaret Voltaire’s Richard H Kirk and DJ Parrot (Richard Barrett) this was their debut release on the Cabs own record label, Plastex. From 1991 where the competition was still to get the lowest sub bass (imagine it happening in this day and age with audiophiles seeking compensation for popped speakers and ruined HiFi’s !) On the Press Release…….

“it resumes life where last year’s Klonk and Testone left off, reinventing what had already been created from the originators of bleep music, with Latino-style percussion direct from the desk”

A fair summing up with soul samples over a busy precussion track with bleeps and sub bass rumbles. “Let You Go” is the standard out track with looped drums and sampled loops, a mix of techno and house.




A Popcone 5:47
B1 Colin’s Tamborim 4:39
B2 Let You Go 6:14

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