Malcolm Mclaren & The Bootzilla Orchestra – House Of The Blue Danube (12″)


Self appointed style icon and guru of fashion his dabble with classical music must of come from a brief listen to the cringeworthy “Hooked On Classics” series brought to you by the London Philharmonic back in the early 80’s. This was from 1989 and is as polished a production as you would come across. Jeff Beck provides the screaming guitar, Bootsy Collins the huge bass and the remixes are by Justin Strauss (no relation)

The “Dub Mix” takes out much of the string parts but has an interesting rhythmn section. Great vid by Lez Barstow by the way, amazing images.

NEW LINKS (10/15)

A House Of The Blue Danube (Strauss Mixes Strauss Mix) 6:45
B1 House Of The Blue Danube 4:50
B2 House Of The Blue Danube (Dub Mix) 5:47

Sonia Davis – Bette Davis Eyes (12″)

ImageAs I mentioned before a lot of the dance music around 1992 was, errr interesting. Not sure about this eurodance cover of the Kim Carnes cover. The singer just about pronounces the words although I’ve not a clue what she is singing on the other track , “Tribal Superstar” (Since the Spice has gone!!!) Sonia Davis was part of the FBI Project and a Euro diva in her own right. This was massive in Europe with the “Energy Mix” my preferred track giving it a nice synth pop retouch.


A1 Bette Davis Eyes (Energy Mix) 5:53
A2 Tribal Superstar (Afro Mix) 2:05
AA1 Bette Davis Eyes (House Mix) 4:45
AA2 Tribal Superstar (6 A.M. Mix) 4:15

Definition Of Sound – Dream Girl (12″)

ImageI’ve been busy today so here is another little gem of a track from 1991. It includes a mix by Norman Cook (a.k.a. Fat Boy Slim) (The Excursion Version) that skanks along nicely, plus two stonking jazzy mixes by Streets Ahead.

A pioneering act that seems to have been criminally overlooked.


A1 Dream Girl (Extended Version) 5:09
A2 Dream Girl (Excursion On The Version) 3:49
B1 Dream Girl (Brighton Daze) 4:57
B2 Dream Girl (Ubiquity Mix) 5:25

D.MOB feat. Gary Haisman – We Call It Acieeed (The Living Beat Remix)

A banned record at the time, 1988 to be precise, and a landmark dance track!! Poor old lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) getting a bad name, I’m sure there are far worse substances out there today.  Here with the nicely different Simon Harris, “Living Beat Remix” and my favourite the “Matey Instrumental” which is quite hypnotic but without the wailing “Acieeeed!” chant. This was the theme of the school playgrounds for a good few months.

We Call It Acieeed (The Living Beat Remix)
We Call It Acieeed (The “Matey” Instrumental)
We Call It Acieeed (The “Matey” Beats)

Intastella – Point Hope (12″)


Carrying on with the Manchester theme with the dreamy indie dance of Intastella.  From 1993 and almost a Christmassy/New Year feel to it. The single mix ramps up the guitars nicely with the 3 other mixes giving it an alternative dance floor twist. This is definitely not a MADchester toon but has abundant positivity all the way through it – my favourite line being-

“just close your eyes and believe the future is for you’.

A1 Point Hope
A2 Point Hope (Lawsies Club Mix)
B1 Point Hope (Lenny Calls Mix)
B2 Point Hope (Miaow Mix)


Switzerland – Inflight (The Correct Use Of Dope) (Promo 12″)

ImageThe advent of cheap samplers and the DIY nature of the early 90’s Rave scene produced an abundance of vinyl, most of it crap, all quite interesting. This was from a collective from Manchester with the owner of Eastern Bloc Records, Martin Price behind it. He had left 808 State at the peak of their success in late ’91, not wanting to undertake an extensive Stateside tour and this was a short lived side project. Four tracks packed with samples, the title track has Carlton’s “Do You Dream” whilst the weird groove of “Chuck Apple Mad” has the Fun Boy Three’s “Faith Hope & Charity” (Babies come from Ladies dontyaknow!) Madonna also creeps into “Pornography” talking about her book “Sex”

All interesting with a trademark of acid bubbling and some serious percussion.


A1 Inflight (T.C.U.O.D.) 3:54
A2 The Pound Of Music 4:54
AA1 Chuck Apple Mad 4:29
AA2 Pornography 4:29

Rockers Revenge Featuring Donnie Calvin – The Harder They Come (12″)

ImageThe Arthur Baker fuelled Rocker’s Revenge made a habit out of creating electro tinged cover versions. Their massive hit was the seminal “Walking On Sunshine” and this is up there with it with a long version of Jimmy Cliff’s classic. Released in 1983 it features the soulful Donnie Calvin on vocals, he later featured in another Baker project, Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element. Quite restrained production with some excellent piano, those electronic drums and an amazing closing section, with a political message too! “Sunshine…” does have a cheesy rap over the top of “Walking On sunshine” naming all the US clubs at the time but then name checking sunny countries including Denmark ????!!!

A The Harder They Come 11:20
B1 Sunshine Party Time (Rap)
B2 The Harder They Come (Instrumental)

Bros – Are You Mine ? (12″)

ImageTheir penultimate release before they split from 1991 and a very synth tinged ballad that starts off a bit like “Woman In Chains” by Tears For Fears with some Michael Jackson vocal styling particularly at the end. It does not take away what is a superb song. The 12″ mix is a nice, alternative version whilst the “instrumental mix” really isn’t having most of the chorus vocals left on it.




A Are You Mine? (LP Version)
B1 Are You Mine? (12” Mix)
B2 Are You Mine? (Instrumental Mix)

Grid – Texas Cowboys (12″)

ImageI really liked The Grid, the fact that the musical half of Soft Cell, Dave Ball was in it was an added bonus. They were around at the time of the Golden Age of the electronic dance duo, Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Underworld, Leftfield etc…

From 1994 and the one with that annoying harmonica riff, thankfully it is only on the “Ricochet Mix” it motors along with some scary, repeated samples. I like the “Pistols” mixes, far more edgy with a solid bass thanks to James Reynolds. An interesting interpretation by Justin Robertson as the Prankster is worth a listen as well, very Lionrock!

A1   Texas Cowboys (Ricochet Mix)    
A2   Texas Cowboys (High Plains Prankster Mix)    
B1   Texas Cowboys (Pistols At Dawn Mix)    
B2   Texas Cowboys (Pistols At Dawn Dub)

Soul Family Sensation – Perfect Life / 747 Tonight (12″)

ImageIn 1989 Johnny Male teamed up with Guy Batson and Jhelisa Anderson to begin the project Soul Family Sensation. Sounding a bit like Massive Attack with a slice of Electribe 101 this came out in 1991 and even though they had scored some success with their previous single “I Don’t Even Know If I Should Call You Baby” this sunk without a trace. Chuck New and Brian Pugsley provide to short but effective remixes. “747 Tonight” remixes are much more experimental and dubby thanks to Lenny D being involved. Male soon went on to form Republica.

A1 Perfect Life (Orinocco Flow Mix)
A2 Perfect Life (Chuck New Mix)
B1 747 Tonight (Unhappy Valley Mix)
B2 747 Tonight (Full Sunday Afternoon Greyhound Circle Mix)