Private Lives – Living In A World (Turned Upside Down) (12″)

ImageMid 80’s and the move towards sophisticated Pop ?!? (Think Johnny Hates Jazz, Living In A Box et al) Leading the vanguard were this duo of Paul Davis (vocals) and Morris Michael (Guitar) Massive in the Philippines and Japan thanks to the distinct European style of Davis’ voice. These faded after their album flopped, the problem when being signed to EMI, so this is a rare find. With the immortal words 12″ single at the price of a 7″ single on the sleeve, the tracks are exactly the same length as the single, so no extended version but quite a clean piece of vinyl.

Your typical 80’s track, the b-side is a lot more uptempo and much preferred.


A Living In A World (Turned Upside Down)
B Break Up

Set The Tone – Rap your Love (12″)

settA Scottish Electronic group which I was unaware of! Set The Tone comprised of drummer Kenny Hyslop (Simple Minds,Skids), bassist Bobby Paterson, (Primal Scream, Love and Money) Chris Morgan and Evelyn Asiedu. A great discovery for anyone who likes any DFA Records stuff or Soulwax will love this. This was their second single , anyone have their first single “Dance Sucker” ?Two decent mixes of pure Electro Funk with added vocoder!!


A Rap Your Love
B Surprise Your Love

Bank Robbers – Jenny (12″)


Some Irish new wave/rock from 1984 with Belfast’s “Bank Robbers”. Lots of horns on this provided by the Uniqhorns assemble and a special, extended mix by Pete Hammond (who later worked with PWL but don’t let that put you off!) Love the B-side “Please Come Back” very dub influenced and less commercial, whilst the other B-side “Oh No…” was going to be an early single release.

Oh and here’s the link!

A Jenny
B1 Please Come Back
B2 Oh No, I’ve Got That Feeling

Fra Lippo Lippi – Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That / The Distance Between Us (12″)

ImageSome Norwegian piano led synth pop for you now from 1986. A great lost track that will have you grinning with recognition. Softly sung but with recognizable vocals, producer Dave Allen overdubs some more guitar over the 7″ mix. “Say Something” has some nice bubbling synths and treatments whilst Hurts would like the grandiose piano of “The Distance Between Us”

A classic………….


A1 Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That 3:53
A2 The Distance Between Us 3:53
B1 Say Something 5:27
B2 Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That (Original Version) 3:25

Various Artists – A Taste Of Summer (4 Track Promo)


For any American visitors, your chill is coming our way!

This was a promo I picked up for a Summery collection made by Gary Crowley and Simon Halfon and sponsored by Fred Perry. Published for the summer of 86, this included the (then) exclusive “Jezamix” of ‘Long Hot Summer’ by The Style Council, officially reissued as a single years later. Also there is the best Wham! song ever, ‘A Ray of Sunshine’, in full disco mode.Again my preferred Matt Bianco track is here, in 12″ form , “Just A Minute” and the original “Hot, hot,Hot” by Arrow (before it was hi-jacked by TV advert executives)



George Michael – I Want Your Sex (12″)

ImageFrom 1987 and coming off the Soundtrack of “Beverley Hills Cop 2” this funky number always sounded that it could be better produced, it just sounds so muffled and muddy. Amazingly this was only his second solo hit single after “I Knew You Were Waiting..” with Aretha Franklin. This is far more experimental with seperate parts of the song all mixed together. I have kept them all together (13 mins + Monogamy Mix) The similar sounding “Hard Day” features on the B-side. Helped by a naughty video this hung around the charts for months. So the mix has a funky horn section and a very quiet comedown section, a bit like the subject matter! Some nice synth sounds and a solid bass so enjoy with nowt on!?


A I Want Your Sex (Monogamy Mix) 13:12
B Hard Day 4:51

Justin Hayward – Silverbird (12″)

ImageEveryone I knew in the early 80’s had a copy of “War Of The Worlds”, the double album with the wonderful book of ink penned drawings. The rich voice of Richard Burton. The madness of Phil Lynott and the pure voice of Julie Covington. But it was the distinct, very english voice of Justin Hayward that helped me remember, it was vunerable and heartfelt and I knew nothing about him.

As I grew older I found he was in the Moody Blues and that voice was on “Knights In White Satin” frail and very English. I was thrilled to discover this 1985 collaboration with Jeff Wayne and it did not disappoint, like an outake from “War Of The Worlds” with operatic backing singers !! Rare stuff this with a more prog rock B-side in “Take Your Chances.” There is not much between the 12″ and 7″ version just longer instrumental bits but the message is simply if you love something, set it free; if it comes backs it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was. No recognition at the time probably because it was on the small, Towerbell Record label.


Eurythmics – The Miracle Of Love (12″)

ImageKeeping up the popular posts with this slow burner from Annie and Dave from 1986 and off the “Revenge” album. I was not a fan of this change of sound  to a more rock orientated direction.  This is a power ballad complete with strings from Michael Kamen and an amazing synth guitar solo from Gully, Steven Gallifent (who worked with Skakespeare’s Sister) B-sides are 2 live tracks of varying quality, a stodgy version of “When Tomorrow…….” which sounds poorly mixed and an amazing live acoustic version of “Who’s That Girl ?” that tingles the spine.


A The Miracle Of Love
B1 When Tomorrow Comes (Live Version)
B2 Who’s That Girl (Live Version)

Nick Heyward – Love All Day (And Night) (12″)


Another popular star from the 80’s. Nick Heyward released this in 1984 in a typical jangly pop style. Think guitar, piano and saxophone (a must have for those times!) Breezy would be a great description,but a teeny heartthrob being able to write his own tracks, talented would be a better description. This eventually came out on 1986’s Postcards From Home.

This version is slightly longer than the 7″ version with an extended sax solo. B-side contains an instrumental of the A-side and a fantastic piano ballad ” Night Summer Stream”


A Love All Day (And Night) 5:26
B1 Love All Afternoon 3:47
B2 Night Summer Stream 3:25

Level 42 – I Sleep On My Heart (12″)

level42coolOkay I know Level 42 ( or their record company) milked the album “World Machine” but it was worth milking. This was one of the rarer of numerous releases from that album. Ably assisted by the silky skills of Julian Mendelsohn this include one of my top ten favourite songs, “Leaving Me Now” on here with the album version plus a track that was only available on the cassette version. Blue-eyed funk at its very polished best!


I Sleep On My Heart (Re-mix) 5:48
Leaving Me Now 5:06
Dream Crazy 3:53