Artists Against Apartheid – Sun City (12″)

ImageContinuing on the protest record theme, we have this from 1985 rallying against Artists that played South African resort, Sun City. Formed by Springsteen stalwart Little Steven and producer Arthur Baker, it was about an interracial gambling resort located in a Bantustan, an “independent” area supposedly ruled by black Africans which was in the middle of an impoverished rural homeland, a front for Apartheid. A diverse selection of artists were assembled but it got little airplay in America.

As a track it uses all the electronic wizardry of the time with some overdubs of Van Zandt’s guitar. Very funky and electronic the dub version even credits Keith Le Blanc for Emulator Overdubs!! It does sound a bit influenced by Art Of Noise and is over 12 mins long!


3 thoughts on “Artists Against Apartheid – Sun City (12″)”

  1. When released, this track opened my eyes to political injustice in Africa. I had no idea of apartheid until then, so they achieved their goal to bring attention to such an insufferable situation. A friend was so moved by it he eventually moved to South Africa to work alongside nature protectors.

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