George Michael – I Want Your Sex (12″)

ImageFrom 1987 and coming off the Soundtrack of “Beverley Hills Cop 2” this funky number always sounded that it could be better produced, it just sounds so muffled and muddy. Amazingly this was only his second solo hit single after “I Knew You Were Waiting..” with Aretha Franklin. This is far more experimental with seperate parts of the song all mixed together. I have kept them all together (13 mins + Monogamy Mix) The similar sounding “Hard Day” features on the B-side. Helped by a naughty video this hung around the charts for months. So the mix has a funky horn section and a very quiet comedown section, a bit like the subject matter! Some nice synth sounds and a solid bass so enjoy with nowt on!?


A I Want Your Sex (Monogamy Mix) 13:12
B Hard Day 4:51

9 thoughts on “George Michael – I Want Your Sex (12″)”

  1. Careless Whisper was released under his name here in Oz, I thought it was only the USA where it was a Wham! track. So wouldn’t that make this his 3rd solo hit?

    I thought I’d skip a request for this track, but after hearing it on YouTube I’m gonna hafta put my hand up again … Re-Up please? 🙂

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