Sonia Davis – Bette Davis Eyes (12″)

ImageAs I mentioned before a lot of the dance music around 1992 was, errr interesting. Not sure about this eurodance cover of the Kim Carnes cover. The singer just about pronounces the words although I’ve not a clue what she is singing on the other track , “Tribal Superstar” (Since the Spice has gone!!!) Sonia Davis was part of the FBI Project and a Euro diva in her own right. This was massive in Europe with the “Energy Mix” my preferred track giving it a nice synth pop retouch.


A1 Bette Davis Eyes (Energy Mix) 5:53
A2 Tribal Superstar (Afro Mix) 2:05
AA1 Bette Davis Eyes (House Mix) 4:45
AA2 Tribal Superstar (6 A.M. Mix) 4:15

2 thoughts on “Sonia Davis – Bette Davis Eyes (12″)”

  1. I wondered why you didn’t include the youtube link, so I searched, found it, played it, then wished I hadn’t. I now see the wisdom in your ways.

    She’s like an eastern European version of Bonnie Tyler, and not in a good way.

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