Switzerland – Inflight (The Correct Use Of Dope) (Promo 12″)

ImageThe advent of cheap samplers and the DIY nature of the early 90’s Rave scene produced an abundance of vinyl, most of it crap, all quite interesting. This was from a collective from Manchester with the owner of Eastern Bloc Records, Martin Price behind it. He had left 808 State at the peak of their success in late ’91, not wanting to undertake an extensive Stateside tour and this was a short lived side project. Four tracks packed with samples, the title track has Carlton’s “Do You Dream” whilst the weird groove of “Chuck Apple Mad” has the Fun Boy Three’s “Faith Hope & Charity” (Babies come from Ladies dontyaknow!) Madonna also creeps into “Pornography” talking about her book “Sex”

All interesting with a trademark of acid bubbling and some serious percussion.



A1 Inflight (T.C.U.O.D.) 3:54
A2 The Pound Of Music 4:54
AA1 Chuck Apple Mad 4:29
AA2 Pornography 4:29

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