Cher Perrier – I Wanna Dance (12″)

ImageAn attempt to cash in on the success of Madonna ? This is a bit of French/UK Soul Funk from 1986, a one off and does sound quite like early Madonna. I bought it for the sticker label that read, “Cher Perrier’s sparkling mix. 100 per cent natural and pure. Revitalises the inner organs. Cures Gout” Quite alot of nice synth sounds here and a pleasing dub version, the remix is by Graham Dixon who wrote Bob the Builder’s “Can You Fix it” Bizarre fact of the day.


A I Wanna Dance (Extended Version) 7:15
B1 I Wanna Dance 3:30
B2 I Wanna Dance (Dub Version)

4 thoughts on “Cher Perrier – I Wanna Dance (12″)”

  1. hi! many thanxx for the great update…several titles that I haven’t heard before so will be giving them a listen… 😉

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