Bentley Rhythm Ace – Bentley’s Gonna Sort You Out! (12″)

ImageEccentric could be a way to describe them. Bentley Rhythm Ace (BRA) were certainly wacky and did not take themselves too seriously. This 4 track twelve recorded from vinyl (Like all of the stuff on this blog) is a good taster and insight into the minds of these mad men. Formed by ex-members of EMF and Pop Will Eat Itself they were in the first wave of Big Beat that came out of Brighton in the mid 90’s and this was the 8th record on the legendary Skint label. It was later picked up by Parlophone and rereleased to TOTP success.

Everyone knows the main track, it’s the others that are of more interest. “The Spy…” uses a BBC Radiophonic track(John Barker’s “Brio” to be exact)  as its main sample along with some big drums and stabs of Rave. “This is…” is short, sweet and frenetic. Jungle meets Jazz with added Sea Lion! Stand out track “Why Is Frog?” is house led and different from the album version, lots of squelchy acid samples/overdubs!

A1   Bentleys Gonna Sort You Out    
A2   This Is Carbootechnoodiscotechnobooto    
AA1   The Spy Who Loved Moose    
AA2   Why Is Frog?

2 thoughts on “Bentley Rhythm Ace – Bentley’s Gonna Sort You Out! (12″)”

  1. Thanks for Bentley’s Gonna Sort You Out! (12″).
    Would you happen to have Late Train 2 Bentley On C?
    I have been looking for an mp3 of this everywhere.


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