Crazyhead – Everything’s Alright (12″)

ImageSome grebo, bluesy, garage rock (if that was ever a category!) From Leicester and with tongue firmly in cheek, the track even has a Tabla solo! Their last single from 1990 it has loads of musical references on it starting a bit like The Cult and moves into more anthemic rock…..brilliant!

B-sides include an instrumental and the popular garage band cover “I Can Only Give You Everything” (originally by Van Morrison/Them) with added brass by The Space Bastards!

1   Everything’s Alright    
2   Death Ride To Osaka    

I Can Only Give You Everything

Baby Animals – Early Warning (12″)



Time for some early Saturday morning rawk!! Keeping the stuff on here varied as usual. From 1991 and from Australia, where they were absolutely MASSIVE. More your traditional rock style with female vocals from Suze DeMarchi it does what it says on the tin. Produced by Aussie production legend Mike Chapman (Blondie, Suzi Quattro, Mud, The Knack) gave it a more polished feel than the grunge bands of the time.

B-sides work too, a live session recording for Aussie radio  of “Ain’t Gonna Get” showed that they could pull it off live. Fast and Thrashy! Still doing stuff more power to their elbow!!

A   Early Warning    
B1   Baby Animals    
B2   Ain’t Gonna Get

InTime – People (Let’s Get Along) (12″)


Some Street Soul from 1990 on respected label “Cooltempo”. This is deep and soulful stuff with mixes by The Prophet and Nomad Soul (Howie B et al). Like a lot of dance stuff at the time if it was not promoted during the first week of release then it was soon dropped. This is very much in the same style as label mates Innocence, dreamy beats with an humanitarian message. Loving the “Light Of Hope Mix” , more song based and sounding even more like my favs The Beloved.

A People (Let’s Get Along) Prophet Mix
B People (Let’s Get Along) Nomad Soul Mix
B2  People (Let’s Get Along) Light of Hope Mix

Lindy Layton – Silly Games (Remix) (12″)

ImageAnother blast from 1990 and another cover, this time of  Janet Kay’s (she also guests on vocals) “Silly Games” covered by Beats International founder Lindy Layton. This is the rarer remix version with Phil Chill bringing out the reggae , dub elements. Norman Cook (soon to be Fat Boy Slim) provides an electronic dance hall inspired mix.


A Silly Games (Phil Chill’s Dub)
B1 Silly Games (Norman’s Shank)
B2 Silly Games (Phil Chill’s Main Mix)

Will To Power – I’m Not In Love (12″)


Some dance stuff from 1990 now, a vintage year ?! First up is a soulful cover of the 10cc classic by Florida studio duo of dj/producer Bob Rosenberg and singer Elin Michaels. All big synth production, huge Roland Juno 106 bass, “Ahhs Ahhs” inspired by Art Of Noise and you get to hear the song’s bridge twice!!! B-side includes their over hit cover and an instrumental version of previous single “Fly  Bird”

A I’m Not In Love 3:48
B1 Baby, I Love Your Way / Free Bird 4:07
B2 Fly Bird (Reprise) 3:46

Tears For Fears – Woman In Chains (12″)


Staying on the “Ive Actually Heard Of That” tip, with this mellow track from 1989. This see’s the first public introduction of singer Oleta Adams who went on to achieve much deserved solo success. Sounding ever so slightly like Peter Gabriel’s “San Jancinto” at the start, it grows into a huge power ballad thanks to Phil Collins complex precussion and arpeggio guitar of Neil Taylor (of Robbie Williams backing band!!!). Smooth as a babies…. The added instrumental version really emphasisies the complex (some would say fussy) arrangement. B-sides include the live jammed “My Live In The Suicide Ranks” with some mad, howling vocals at the end. Finally an undiscovered track for me “Always In The Past”, probably from the album sessions, this was recorded in a lull during the album’s recording by Roland and Ian Stanley.



A1   Woman In Chains 5:28  
A2   Always In The Past 4:38  
B1   My Life In The Suicide Ranks 4:38  
B2   Woman In Chains (Instrumental) 6:31

Daryl Hall & John Oates – Adult Education (UK 12″)


A cheeky little 3 tracker from Hall & Oates who I did not really get into at the time, thinking one of them was surely moonlighting from the Village People. My memories were vague but they were massive at this time of their careers (1982-4) , fell out and got back together in the late 80’s. No one can doubt their talent and music writing ability.

The track is featured on the duo’s first compilation album, Rock ‘n Soul Part 1. It was one of two new tracks that were recorded specifically for the compilation and here with Hugh Padgham on the mix giving it the Phil Collin’s big drum sound. “Say It Isn’t So” gets a bit of a Jellybean Benitez treatment and “I Can’t….” gets quite a muddy remix from Robert Wright.


A Adult Education (Extended Version) 7:03
B1 Say It Isn’t So (Special Extended Dance Mix) 6:45
B2 I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) 6:01


Alan Parsons Project – Prime Time (E.P.)


First ever bit of prog rock on one of my blogs! It ain’t half bad (sign of getting old!) From 1984 and a good spread of tracks, including the instrumental “Sirius.” The title track could be one of the lost tunes from the 80’s, I was not aware of it over a week ago.  Quintessentially english, Woolfson (RIP) & Parsons were multi instrumentalists and you can certainly tell over the 4 tracks. A great taster for discovering more by them.



Prime Time 5:03
Gold Bug 4:28
Pipeline (Instrumental)
Sirius (Instrumental)

London Boys – Requiem (12″)

ImageKnowing your blog audience is part of the fun when thinking of what to post next. Maybe I was going a little obscure. Big , Cheesy 80’s was what they really want!! Well here is a large slice of Euro Pop that may put a grimace or smile on a face or three.

Picked up by the well trained ears of Pete Waterman and given a polished remix by Mixmaster Phil Harding. London Boys were Edem Ephraim (lead singer) and Dennis Fuller (backing vocals, choreographer) both from Greenwich, London. The single was written and produced by Ralf René Maué, the German third member.

A huge wall of sound! I bet the Pet Shop Boys loved it. “Midi Dance” must be the only song written about an electronic music interface!

A Requiem (London Remix) 7:57
B1 Requiem (Continental Remix) 4:19
B2 The Midi Dance 3:12

Sadly Dennis and Edem died in a horrible car crash in Switzerland back in 1996. Long live their music.

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Culture Club – Band Members side projects *New Link Added*

ImageCulture Club were a massive band of the 80’s – Yes I said band. It was not all about Boy George there were officially 4 band members. The original band comprised Boy George (lead vocals), Mikey Craig (bass guitar), Roy Hay (guitar and keyboards) and Jon Moss (drums and percussion). Later Helen Terry was the unofficial fifth member providing backing vocals on the later albums. From 1981 till 1986 they dominate the charts and were vanguards of the British New Wave movement in America. Due to George’s much publicised drug problems the band split , which leads us onto 1987 where all of these tracks come from.


Boy George – Everything I Own (12″)

First up is George’s distinctive cover of Everything I Own. Made more poignant with the Anti Apartheid title which got it band in South Africa (allegedly). Culture Club producer was at the controls giving it the full reggae dub treatment. B-side “Use Me” looked back at the Culture Club days with definite Prince influences.


A Everything I Own (Extended P.W. Botha Mix) 7:15
B1 Everything I Own (Dub Version) 4:35
B2 Use Me 3:55

This Way Up

Roy Hay formed this short lived band with John Robinson Reid for an album and 3 singles and failed to get any success even though they were both slickly produced. The Hi-pitched ,Climie Fisher style vocals may have put some CC fans off!

This Way Up – If I Can’t Have You (12″)

Not a half bad cover of the Bee Gees classic. 12″ mix suffers a few pops and crackles, but the album version is here as well.

B-side “Sweet Rhapsody” is a nice synth ballad though.

If I Can’t Have You (Extended Mix) 5:36
If I Can’t Have You (Album Mix) 3:11
Sweet Rhapsody 3:48

 This Way Up – Tell Me Why (12″)

More smooth pop with this soulful track that has memorable guitar riff. B-side takes a nod to Scritti Politti’s “Wood Beez” with added rock guitar

A Tell Me Why (Extended Version)
B1 Tell Me Why
B2 Move On Up To Heaven

This Way Up – Louise (12″)

Even more smooth 80’s pop, saxophone, female backing vocals all are here. A perfect ballad that never made it. B-side is a great synth track, another forgotten gem.

A Louise (Extended Version) 7:11
B1 Louise (Remix) 3:59
B2 Shake Baby Shake 3:27

Heartbeat UK – Jump To It (12″)

Jon Moss released this with a short lived band that included the singer from Roman Holiday , Steve Lambert. A rather camp bit of Hi Energy dance stuff , some interesting synth sounds but sank without a trace.


A Jump To It (Jump Mix)
B1 Jumping (Cave Mix)
B2 Jump To It (Bonus Beats)

 Unfortunately I don’t have the Mikey Craig single , “I’m a Believer” to complete the full set.

Phew…………….. such a long post