Thomas Lang – The Happy Man (12″)


Liverpool pop pinup, Thomas Lang, never quite made it to the pop superstardom he deserved. He had a very distinct, jazzy music style and this was his most successful single. Piano and Saxophone prominiently in the mix this shows pretenders like Matt Bianco how it’s done. Ex OMD keyboardist , David Hughes was producer, mixer and co-writer. This was a rerecorded version that appeared on the album “Scallywag Jaz” (which is worth checking out). Four solid tracks on here, including a brilliant cover of “Sons Of” made famous by Jacques Brel.

Lang is still doing stuff now , he owns Parr Street studios in the city centre.

Ai The Happy Man (Extended Version)
Aii Bulgaria
Bi Skin
Bii Sons Of



  1. Koen Olie · February 2, 2014

    Never knew this guy, so checked out Happy Man on youtube, excellent. Unfortunately the link is dead, any chance on a re-up? Thanks in advance.

    • djjedredy · February 8, 2014

      Re-upped for you, sorry about the delay

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