Roxy Music – Take A Chance With Me (12″)

Some classic Roxy Music from 1982 and off the Avalon album. A very short A-side is made up with the long “The Main Thing (Dance Mix)” which is superb, cool, rhythmic and very 80’s


A Take A Chance With Me 3:45
B The Main Thing – Dance Mix 7:43


14 thoughts on “Roxy Music – Take A Chance With Me (12″)”

  1. Thanks for your awesome blog!!!|I just hit up a ton of YELLO, can’t say "THANK YOU" enough, but I’ll try.THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  2. Any chance of uploading this one again? Judging by its length this is the 7″ edit which as far as I’m aware has never been available digitally. This blog is like a personal treasure chest for me! Amazing!

  3. And now downloaded! Thanks so much. I’ve been going through the archives and have got to the start of 2016 – I have quite a few others I’d love with missing links, is that OK? If so, would you prefer me to put them individually as comments on the relevant pages, or all together in one place?

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