Bourgeois Tagg – I Don’t Mind At All (12″)

American electronic/synth Power Pop from 1987 and their debut hit from Brent Bourgeois and Larry Tagg. Off their second album “Yoyo” which was produced by Todd Rundgren and sounding more Beatles than Oasis.4 strong tracks all tinged with a bit of Synclavier.


1 I Don’t Mind At All 2:33
2 Pencil & Paper 4:03
3 Dying To Be Free 5:02
4 Heart Of Darkness 3:36


  1. kevmore · October 23, 2016

    Hi there. Would you consider re-linking this? Loved this at the time, not sure I knew of the Todd R connection then, makes sense though. Long disappeared from my collection. Thanks.

    • djjedredy · October 24, 2016

      Sorted it for ya! πŸ™‚

      • Kev M · October 24, 2016

        That’s great, man. Thanks.

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