The Colourfield – Thinking Of You (12″)

Definitely a once heard never forgotten tune. A summery sounding, Terry Hall and Katrina Phillips sung track from 1985. As with most stuff the B-side is worth a listening to, uptempo with guitars and drum machines. A nice contrast just wish the sun would show itself.


A1 Thinking Of You 3:27
A2 Thinking Of You (Singalong Version) 3:27
B My Wild Flame (Extended Version) 5:52


  1. FuriousPig · June 14, 2012

    Forgotten all about this. Great track, Terry is a genius. Thanks!

  2. Frank · June 14, 2012

    A forgotton gem, thanks!

  3. xymox970 · March 13, 2014

    I guess this is the one I was referring to in the previous post.
    Any chance of a re-upload ?
    Would love to hear the extra track…..

    • djjedredy · March 22, 2014

      New Link! Sorry for the delay, it took a while to find it.

  4. xymox970 · March 28, 2014

    Thanks a lot……it was worth the wait !

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