Various Artists – I Q 6 Zang Tuum Tumb Sampled (Vinyl Album)

A 1985 compilation from Trevor Horn’s ZTT label and an interesting listen it is too. With such tracks as Propaganda’s P-Machinery (enhanced by John McGeoch from Magazine’s guitar work) and 2 rare Frankie tracks it tangents off to the classical Andrew Poppy and the Torch song’s of France’s Anne Pigalle

Art of Noise – Closing
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Disneyland
Propaganda – Femme Fatale
Anne Pigalle – Intermission
Instinct – Swamp Out
Art of Noise – Egypt
Andrew Poppy – The Object Is A Hungry Wolf (extract one)
Propaganda – P:Machinery (Beta)
Anne Pigale – Looking For Love
Art Of Noise – A Time For Fear (Who’s Afraid)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Born To Run (live)
Andrew Poppy – The Object Is A Hungry Wolf (extract two)


Thomas Dolby – Hot Sauce (12″)


A bit of funk tinged Dolby from 1988. Composed by legend George Clinton this is funky cover but with a small slice of the eccentric Dolby in it. Causes a bit of divide between fans, it’s Dolby in full on Americanised mode. Remixed and produced by Richard Burgess it does have that big American production. He even does a cod Mexican accent for “Salsa Picante”. Some different mixes here although on a repeat listen after all these years not one of his best moments.

A1 Hot Sauce (Extended Version) 6:56
A2 Hot Sauce (“Murder” Dub) 3:27
B1 Salsa Picante (Extended Version) 5:11
B2 Hot Sauce (7″ Remix) 3:15

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Boxcar- Freemason (You Broke The Promise) (12″)


From 1989 and some synth pop with shades of New Order from Australia’s Boxcar. With help from producer Robert Racic (who worked with Severed Heads) and a remixer Arthur Baker this is catchy as hell although with weird subject matter/lyrics (Freemasonery??) The rarer handshake mix is included.

A1 Freemason (Shakedown Mix) 5:58
B1 Freemason (Handshake Mix) 5:48
B2 Freemason (Single Mix) 3:54