Cabaret Voltaire – Don’t Argue (Adrian Sherwood Remixes) (12″)


Unbelievably from 1987, this nearly went on the other blog ! Two Adrian Sherwood mixes of this Cold War pastiche of spies and espionage.Samples used in the song werw taken from a 1945 american propaganda movie “Your Job In Germany” directed by Frank Capra. (thanks Discogs)

From their Parlophone years it has many trademark Cabs sounds (Bill Nelson on guitar & John Robie on keyboards) However beware Girl backing vocals!! Their is a Dance side and a Dub side tho!


AWOL need to find this!

8 thoughts on “Cabaret Voltaire – Don’t Argue (Adrian Sherwood Remixes) (12″)”

  1. Wow, thought i had most of the CV 12-Inches, but never run into this! To bad the link isn’t valid anymore, maybe you can reposz it…

  2. Thanks for your effort and the fast response! One Step closer to the completion of my CV-collection…

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