Erasure – Crackers International (Vinyl E.P.)


Well they have started to advertise for Christmas Parties in the pubs in Manchester so this reminded me of this festive release from Erasure, back in 1988. It helped promote the Live Vid “Innocents” and I remember going to the gig at Nynex Arena. The weird thing was everyone got a massive poster promoting this release just before they went in, so you were stuck with it for the whole gig. You can see most of the audience with these posters rolled up like tubes and waving them about, mine survived (just!) if a little creased. Supporting were Nitzer Ebb who managed to annoy the Erasure fans immensely !!!

Back to the songs , no introduction needed for “Stop!” – classic Erasure which would have fitted on any album. Next is “The Hardest Part” with great harmonies and a lost classic. “Knocking On Your Door” is a synth motown classic. Finally there is “She Won’t Be Home” another Christmas classic in a melancholic edge complete with synth trombone !

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