Art Of Noise – Early Stuff x 2


ZTT and Art Of Noise were bosom buddies in the early 80’s. The Sleeves were obscure , arty and beautifully pretentious. This came out in 1984 and takes it name from the Yes song “Close To The Edge” As with most ZTT stuff it came out in a myriad of versions and formats. This has “Close Up ” and “Closed Up (Hop)”




Before that was their breakthrough hit , Beatbox. Here in Diversion 1 and 2 form. Here it’s all about the beats and once heard never forgotten and absolutely massive in the American Clubs. Diversion 2 is really a slightly different of “Close(To the Edit)”


Visage – Night Train (Dance Mix)


Visage were the supergroup of the early 80’s , featuring members of Magazine and Ultravox , check Barry Adamson’s funky bass on the Dub Mix of “Night Train” and the Ultravox tinged “Still Searching” , both included here. This mix just like the seven inch is far superior to the version off “The Anvil” album. Assisted by producer John Luongo it was their sixth single and their final big hit. Most funky indeed !


A Night Train (Dance Mix)
B1 Night Train (Dub Mix)
B2 I’m Still Searching

Controlled Bleeding – The Fodder Song (12″)


A dark bit of Industrial to finish with . From 1989 and the Canadian group Controlled Bleeding , you get the title track “Words (Of The Dying) ” and “Crawl” – all quite quietly produced – it must have been the vinyl pressing. Typical industrial from the era and from a very prolific band. If you like it check out the album “Trudge” with plenty of doom laden drum machines !


Holger Hiller – Whippets / Waltz (remixed /redited)

Avant-Garde would be the best word to describe this sampled orchestra, cut up piece with guest vocals by Billy Mackensie – well by guest vocals I mean wailing in a foreign language. Very cutting edge technology for 1987 with Gareth Jones on controls for the more musical “Waltz”
Many Thanks from a great Associates fan site
“In 1986 Billy popped along to R.E.L. Studios in Edinburgh to drop onto tape what is perhaps his most bizzarre vocal performance. A collaboration (albeit in seperate studios) with Palais Schaumburg founder member Holger Hiller. With the music in Billy’s headphones already recorded in a Hamburg studio and working pretty much on his own, he tackled Hiller’s lyrics (eg. “OH SOOO TOYO TO TO FEBAYQAYO OCH”) with some gusto. Just what the track adds up to…. well I’m just pretty banjaxed really. Make your own mind up!”


Cabaret Voltaire – Yashar (John Robie Overdub Mixes) (12″)


The original Sheffield synth meisters and a debut post , one of my favourite bands because of their determination to experiment and break boundaries. This was originally out in 1982 on Manchester’s legendary  Factory Records. Two mixes here by John Robie that defy the age of the record. Mix 1 the more commercial and dancey with the piano stabs , very Balearic. Mix 2 is shorter but more electronic. Both very middle eastern with repeated vocal samples and over dubbed drums.

Found it!!!!

Factory ‎– FAC 82yass

The Comsat Angels – The Cutting Edge (12″)

More Sheffield stuff this time from Comsat Angels in their second reincarnation following their work on Jive Records, this is from 1986. Fan Robert Palmer gave his support and got them signed to Island Records and co-produced this track from the album ” Chasing Shadows.” A more mature , darker sound with vocalist Stepehen Fellows staking claims for being the most distinctive 80’s vocalists. This has the rare track “Something’s Got To Give” which many say should have been included on the album and the hypnotic “Our Secret” They should have been massive and did reform last year for a short tour !


N.T. Gang – There`s A Noise Going On (12″)


Some early house music now and 1989’s N.T Gang. I am guessing their German so I guess you classify it as Euro House! On legendary label Cooltempo, you also get an instrumental version and quite funky , vocoderised B-side “Lonely” I have also put up their previous Dance track “Wam Bam – 12″ Mix” from 1988, it’s great playing spot the sample with this one!
Probably very rare and much sort after!

Kenny Loggins – Dangerzone (E.P)

After ZZ Top comes one of the top beards of the 80’s ! Kenny Loggins! I admit I have not a clue about him. It’s your generic tech rock (rock guitars solos and synths) that was abundant in the mid 80’s (just like ZZ Top in fact ! – How did that drummer keep a straight face when it was obviously a drum machine on the record) Giorgio Moroder jointly composed it so there will be quite a bit of technology on it.
This was the less well known song from “Top Gun” and as a bonus you got previous Kenny movie hit “Footloose” as well. Two more album tracks make up the rest of this E.P , “I’m Free (Heaven Helps The Man)” (“Boys of Summer” meets Starship) and “I’m Gonna Do It Right.”


It Bites – Calling All The Heroes (12″)


Desribed as a pop fusion , progressive rock It Bites had this out in 1986. Shamelessly 80’s sounding and unfortunately tagged one hit wonders although they were great musicians and a superb live act. You get the full length version of the title track plus the full length version of track “Strange But True” and the seven inch version of “Calling All The Heroes”
There were from Egremont in Cumbria , England and are still going !Check them out..