Bill Nelson – Flaming Desire And Other Passions (E.P)

Okay I have held back quite a long time but I have succumbed ! Bill Nelson is one of my favourite solo artists of the 80’s and this track , first heard on John Peel, was to send me in a collecting frenzy . I have got a lot of his work and it’s good to see him still going strong !


I missed him playing in Manchester a few years ago and have regretted ever since. This release, his first E.P, has the rare, long version of “Flaming Desire” plus some other misc tracks “Narcosis” , “Flesh”, “The Passion”- a guitary instrumental, “The Burning Question”, “He And Sleep Were Brothers” and “Haunting In My Head” a great introduction to Nelson’s work at the time.


5 thoughts on “Bill Nelson – Flaming Desire And Other Passions (E.P)”

  1. Hi there, Hope you are well. I know we are getting close to Christmas and you must be uber-busy at this time of year. Could I ask if it would be possible to add the Bill Nelson Flaming Desire EP (Love Bill Nelson!) to the Gary Numan ‘She’s Got Claws 12″s etc. Re-ups that I have already requested please. Thanks again. Mark

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