Art Of Noise – 3 X 12″ Featuring……

Any fan of experimental technology , especially Fairlights, will have heard of Art Of Noise. They had 2 distinct periods , the ZZT years and the later China Records stuff from which they had several collaborative hits in the mid to late 80’s.


First up is “Paranoimia” with the weird , computer animated celebrity Max Headroom. The remix from1989 is already on here but the original is certainly more typical AON with Max rambling on poetically . You get the manic extended version , the seven-inch mix plus 2 shortish experimental tracks , “Why Me” and ” A Nation Rejects”

Found elsewhere on the blog!


Next was the bigger hit with legendary guitarist Duane Eddy from 1986. “Peter Gunn” The Accompanying video with Rik Mayall as a detective is great here
Here it is in the extended version with single mix and experimental track “Something Always Happens”
Both twelves are on here….somewhere
Finally the bizarre twinning of AON and Tom Jones on a cover of Prince’s “Kiss” ! Here with the much rarer Art Of Noise Remix and orchestrated B sides “Ode To Don Jose” and “E.F.L” from 1988. All Groundbreaking in a weird sort of way!
A The Art Of Noise Featuring Tom Jones Kiss (The Art Of Noise Remix)
B1 The Art Of Noise Ode To Don Jose
B2 The Art Of Noise E.F.L.


  1. postpostmoderndad · April 21, 2014

    Can you re-up this please?

  2. David Miller · February 11, 2017

    The link was dead. Would you please consider reposting the “Peter Gunn” Art Of Noise release? Thank you. Thanks for your time.

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